Month: September 2014

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Getting Inside your Customers’ Head

If the art of war requires an army to know their enemy, the art of marketing requires sellers to know their customers. For marketers, the goal is to win their customers’ hearts and minds. Knowing how humans interact on social media will give you a psychological edge when trying to win them over.

Everybody wants to be happy

Emotions are contagious in person-to-person settings, but very little was known about how transmittable they were online. In a comparative study, positive emotions affect more people, even if the subject was negative. This means that customers like being happy, and so should marketers if they want their attention. Continue reading “Getting Inside your Customers’ Head”

Using Social Media to Market Your Business

If you’re a newbie business owner, you might have been told to establish a solid presence on the Web. Remember, though, that social networks are very much part of the equation if you want to achieve that goal. Thus, you should utilize social media to boost your online presence and market your business. Here are some tips to get you started: Continue reading “Using Social Media to Market Your Business”

How to Quickly Sink Your Website’s SERP Ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more of an art than an exact science. There are many things you can do right to raise your SERP ranking, and an equal amount of things you can do wrong to lower your SERP ranking. If you wish to avoid the latter, resist the urge to do the following:

Rip Off Content

Google and other search engines frown upon duplicate content. Although it may seem harmless, note that what you’re actually doing is plagiarism. Not only will this lead to a ranking penalty, but you can find yourself in hot water for copyright infringement. Continue reading “How to Quickly Sink Your Website’s SERP Ranking”

Making PPC Ads That Really Matter

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is emerging as one of the most preferred marketing methods available. As the name implies, the business is paid a certain fee by an advertiser if an Internet user clicks on the ad, which leads to a specific landing page somewhere on the website. They appear in a section above the search results. However, some people are not too pleased when one PPC ad appears where it shouldn’t be and even then, the content doesn’t pique their interest, so how do you turn things around? Time to get cracking. Continue reading “Making PPC Ads That Really Matter”