How to Quickly Sink Your Website’s SERP Ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more of an art than an exact science. There are many things you can do right to raise your SERP ranking, and an equal amount of things you can do wrong to lower your SERP ranking. If you wish to avoid the latter, resist the urge to do the following:

Rip Off Content

Google and other search engines frown upon duplicate content. Although it may seem harmless, note that what you’re actually doing is plagiarism. Not only will this lead to a ranking penalty, but you can find yourself in hot water for copyright infringement.

Buy Links

You may think that buying links is a quick way to boost your ranking— and you’d be right to think that. However, the quality of the links may not be up to par with Google’s requirements. At the same time, link buying is a practice that Google abhors. It’s best to acquire your backlinks organically.

Keyword Stuffing

Adding too many keywords is a quick way to draw the ire of Google, as suspiciously high keyword density often indicates poor content. This is especially true if the keywords you used aren’t relevant to the content.

Fortunately, an experienced Atlanta SEO firm can help you avoid making these mistakes and incurring a ranking penalty from Google. As long as you adhere to Google’s best practices, your SEO efforts are sure to help your website soar to new heights on the SERPs.


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