Month: October 2014

Why Businesses Need to Have Social Media Presence

Nowadays, people cannot go on with their daily lives without posting a status update on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter, or a new selfie on Instagram. The pervading presence of social media has indeed drastically impacted people’s lifestyles and changed the way information is traded for the better. With the continuous improvement of the Internet and the rollout of more mobile devices, people’s presence in the digital world can be expected to grow a lot more.

Businesses need to ensure that they can keep up with the times and have a dedicated presence in social media—at least with the more popular networking websites. Doing so presents a lot of benefits that potentially help companies grow and create lasting relationships with their current and prospective markets. Keeping a social media account means that a business is open to quick inquiries their clients may want to ask, or to comments regarding company products and services, which means a lot to customers.

Social media presence can also be used to effectively launch marketing campaigns as networking sites are known for their potential to make content viral and trending. However, people should understand that keeping social media accounts for businesses is not the same as using a personal account. For businesses, they would need to respond to almost every interaction they’ll receive, including those that have negative remarks. Online marketing firms can help companies with the basics of using social media for effective marketing and public relations.


Atlanta Social Media Marketing Firms Can Improve Your Online Presence

Social media promotes engagement among internet users, allowing them to interact and share common interests. This factors is not lost on marketers who have promptly tapped the potential of social media marketing in terms of drawing traffic to websites.

A 2013 Social Media Marketing Report, for instance, reveals that 75 percent of marketers have seen positive effects on web traffic after engaging in social media marketing. Businesses looking to experience the benefits of this modern platform would do well to seek an Atlanta social media marketing expert like YEAH! Local to establish a more solid online presence and reach out to customers on a more personal level.

Turn Online Traffic into Profits

Local businesses invest on online marketing strategies to ensure that their webpages end up on top, or at least the first page, of Internet search results. While it is useful to get higher rankings on search results, companies must also realize that getting high rankings is only beneficial when it results in an increase of online traffic on their websites. In this regard, businesses must ensure that marketing companies they work with can help them get better search engine ranking, increase web traffic, and manage to turn online traffic into sales and profits for the enterprise. Continue reading “Turn Online Traffic into Profits”

Atlanta Online Marketing Starts with Finding the Right Target Market

Targeting the right market is crucial for three reasons. One, it improves the way you communicate since you know who will receive your message. Two, a clearly defined marketing scope will help reduce promotional cost. Three, by establishing a common interest between you and your audience, the benefits of engaging in continuous communication increases.

These principles could work pretty much the same way as online marketing. Smart Atlanta online marketing professionals don’t just launch and run campaigns without careful research. Rather than haphazardly targeting random internet users, they conduct research and base their strategies on data. They even use local buzz offered by companies like YEAH! Local to make sure they reach their target audience.

[Video] How Is Your Company’s Online Reputation? #onlinereputation #yeahlocal

To give prospects the best possible perception of your business, you need to start beating bad reviews with better ones. But that’s just the start. Online reputation management is more than just publishing genuine consumer reviews; it means giving you and your business a positive visibility anywhere on the web, from your own website, to search engines, to reviews sites, to social networks. Here are a few tips based on our experience with online reputation management:

How Long Should Your Content Be?

If you’re involved in SEO, you already know that content is king. Long gone are the days when insubstantial pieces overstuffed with keywords reigned supreme. Nowadays, if you want to rank highly in search results, you have to provide useful, informative content.

This development also brings up an interesting question: for your content to be considered relevant, how long should it be?

As most SEO experts would tell you, there’s no cut-and-dry answer to this query. Rather, short and long pieces both have their uses. Continue reading “How Long Should Your Content Be?”

Atlanta Search Engine Optimization Helps You Cope with Search Engine Algorithms

Now, business owners may think that this news doesn’t concern them, but they should remember that Panda and Penguin are the ones that regulate the amount of visits or ‘hits’ that their websites regularly receive. Long story short: businesses that fail to meet Panda’s and Penguin’s standards can expect to receive lower web traffic and, as a consequence, generate fewer online sales. However, meeting the criteria of these algorithms is easier said than done. For that, businesses will need the expertise of Atlanta search engine optimization (SEO) companies, like YEAH! Local, and similar professionals.

Perhaps the two search engine algorithms should be given a closer look. Panda was launched in February 2011 as a way for Google to uncover and penalize websites that have “low quality” content.