Month: November 2014

Dental Marketing in Atlanta: Are You Extracting All the Online Services Needed?

Atlanta Dentists,

Let’s face it. Many people fear you. Seventy five (75%) percent of adults experience some degree of dental fear, from mild to severe.

Five to ten percent have dental phobia who avoid dental care at all costs. What is it with dentists?

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Atlanta SEO Services: Build a Website that Meets Customer Expectations

The world is advancing at an alarming rate. A lot of the usual advertising and marketing approaches have gone the way of the dodo and have now been replaced with more advanced and far-improved techniques. To succeed in today’s business environment, you need to keep up with these changes. If you don’t, not only will your profits suffer, but your brand as well.

Today, the best way businesses can improve their level of success and maximize profit potentials is through the Internet. This is the reason online marketing has become so popular, not to mention highly effective. If you still believe that posting your business name in a phone book is the best way to market your business, it’s time to move forward and maximize the extensive reach of cyberspace.

Protect Your Name with the Help of Experts

What are Internet-savvy consumers saying about your business? Many Atlanta entrepreneurs may disregard the impact of a dissatisfied tweet or an offhand accusation on social media, but make no mistake: the snowball effect of a negative post or comment has the potential to irreversibly break you and your venture. Continue reading “Protect Your Name with the Help of Experts”

Atlanta Online Marketing: Three Great Tips toward Social Media Success

“In today’s internet marketing world, social media is the name of the game. More than a billion people all over the world use various social media platforms, some even using them for hours on end. If you want to succeed in internet marketing, then you need to find an effective way to reach out to this massive resource of potential customers on social media.

That said, successful social media marketing involves more than just creating a Facebook or Twitter account. Your strategy should include real research, statistics, and information on which your marketing campaign will be based on. Working with an Atlanta online marketing company that specializes in social media will be of great help to you in this area.

Using Reputation Management Matters

Online reputation management (ORM) is one of the many tools Atlanta marketing companies can offer for their clients’ use. One may think of it as an off-shoot of public relations, but it actually goes deeper than that. Once your preferred marketer recommends you to take up ORM as part of your business support package, some aspects are worth keeping in mind: Continue reading “Using Reputation Management Matters”