Month: December 2014

Atlanta SEO Services – 8 Point Online Marketing Services Checklist

A checklist for business owners looking to get help with Atlanta online marketing agencies, consultants, and providers. Don’t just entrust your business to the first Atlanta Online Marketing “expert” you meet.

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Firing up the Twittersphere

Going on Twitter allows people to share shout-outs or shortened URLs to their followers. If you are a fan of some celebrities, chances are you are following them, and it can be a defining moment if they follow you back, as was the case in 2010 when Conan O’Brien picked Sarah Killen at random as the first and only person he’d follow. From a business standpoint, a Twitter account does present its advantages to making short but effective messages to any customer following you. Continue reading “Firing up the Twittersphere”

Atlanta Social Media Marketing: Efficiency in Social Media Platforms

Given the Internet’s huge hold on today’s generation of consumers, it is no wonder that social media optimization (SMO) has emerged as a leading strategy in the field of online marketing. SMO refers to the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to increase brand awareness and strengthen customer relationships to generate leads and increase a company’s revenue.

SMO increases in prominence as it reaches consumers from different parts of the globe. That being said, this method requires proper execution to ensure optimum results. For this reason, knowledgeable Atlanta social media marketing experts provide clients the expertise they need to focus on the core aspects of their business operations.

Girl Scouts Teach You a Thing or Two about Atlanta Online Marketing

As reported by the New York Times, the digital platform, which has only been approved recently after years of prohibiting internet sales of cookies, aims to teach girls vital entrepreneurial skills, which has been the aim of the program since it was started in 1917 in Oklahoma. Sarah Angel-Johnson, the brains behind the “Digital Cookie”, said that the program also intends to utilize modern tools to teach members a thing or two about online marketing and its role in the whole enterprise.

With Digital Cookie, each scout can create her own cookie website, which customers can have access to only if they receive an invitation through e-mail. How can this relate to making an effective Atlanta online marketing strategy?

No Copy Cats: Go Your Own Way with Atlanta Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization for Atlanta companies is high priority, with strong online visibility and presence as vital objectives of their online marketing. However, take note that just because some firms are effective with their SEO tactics, it doesn’t mean anyone can imitate the optimization strategies of their sites. You can’t hope to duplicate Amazon’s success, for instance, using their marketing strategy. High-traffic websites don’t get to their positions by implementing a one-size-fits-all set of tactics and tricks. They adapt to given situations and devise a plan accordingly given their deep understanding of SEO.

Let’s take a look at Amazon. One of the maxims of SEO is that your page titles shouldn’t exceed 70 characters. This is so that the title will fit on a search index’s page ranking.

Atlanta Internet Marketing Services: The Benefits of Content Marketing

Consistency is key to successful marketing. Although it helps to talk about relevant industry news, you need to do so in a timely and consistent manner so you always have something fresh to offer your followers and potential customers. In short, you need to give them reasons to keep coming back to your site.

Fortunately, if you neither have the time nor the resources to do so, you can count on an experienced Atlanta marketing company such as YEAH! Local to provide relevant and updated content that should help your site attract attention and boost its search engine ranking.