Internet Marketing: Get Noticed on Social Media

Social media has become a haven for online marketers. With millions and millions of people on social media, it has become easier to reach out to potential customers and engage with them. Success, however, won’t be as easy as setting up your company’s social media accounts. There are strategies that will help increase your presence and engagement on social media.

Utilizing Twitter to its fullest

The key to Twitter is having a steady increase of followers. This can be done by sharing links, content, and engaging with them. It is also helpful to follow those that are in your industry in order to really widen your network. One trick to spur your followers to engage is tweeting with images, since analytics have shown that images are more likely to get retweeted.

Reach out to multiple time zones

This can be done by timing and repeating your tweets according to different time zones. This would maximize exposure and engagement. People aren’t on Twitter all of the time, so tweeting them at the right moment will ensure that they would be able to see your content. Analytics reveal the times that your tweet has been seen and the number of engagements. This would help you adjust your strategy accordingly.


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