Month: January 2015

The Power of Videos and YouTube in Atlanta Search Engine Optimization

From videos recording the crazy antics of a cat to ones that tell a story, heartwarming or otherwise, videos on YouTube have now become an important SEO tool essential for online marketing purposes. Such videos do not feature hard-sell advertisement where the company or products and services are directly introduced. Online marketing strategists shooting for an edgier approach prefer to produce slanted or offbeat, but meaningful videos that somehow relate to the company brand and its target consumers.

The power of YouTube videos can’t be emphasized enough. According to AOL Platforms, paid advertising on this website converts more customers than other online platforms, and the audience is poised to grow further in the coming years, with users projected to increase by as much as 22 million by 2017.


Atlanta SEO: 7 Proactive Ways to Get Backlinks That’ll Actually Boost Your Traffic

Are you tired of people telling you that if you write great content, people will naturally link back to you? It’s actually true to some extent, but if… | Atlanta SEO

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Being Social: Atlanta Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing isn’t as easy as it seems. If you want your compaign to have maximum effect, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Perfect Timing

When posting company promotions and other updates, it is important consider the usual times when followers are online. Although it may not be feasible to pinpoint these to the minute, known lifestyle habits of your audience can serve as basis. For instance, even with mobile devices providing access to the Web any time, promotions are best sent late in the evening as this is usually the time when most people get home from school or work and browse social networks until they fall asleep. Continue reading “Being Social: Atlanta Social Media Marketing Tips”

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