A Little Bird Told Me: Twitter Marketing

Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks not just for connecting with people but also to market products and services. When utilized well, it can make a big difference. Here are some tips to make the most of the network:

  • One of the things that can be overlooked is filling out the profile completely. This would let people know that it is a legitimate account and would make them follow it. Other than that, the handle can be verified at a cost.
  • One of the most basic things to know when tweeting is to write in a natural style that is representative of the brand. People should have a natural leaning towards clicking on the links shared or retweeting.
  • When tweeting, make sure that the information is what followers would want to know. You should also encourage interaction by asking questions and retweeting your followers every now and then.
  • Connect with people by tweeting with them and following their conversations. Thanking people for their good opinions on the brand or helping with any concerns is helpful for gaining exposure.
  • It is important for the account to be active so that followers would know that you’re still there. A good rule of thumb is to be present at least once every day to keep people in the loop.

Twitter is very helpful in online marketing and there are analytics available that would have valuable data to help improve your Twitter strategy.


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