Month: April 2015

1000+ Niche Citation Sites for 41 Local Business Categories

Looking for the best niche citation sites for your industry? See a categorised list of over 1,000 Sites. View & download the citation list for your industry


Experienced Atlanta Marketing Company Helps Growth of Small Businesses

Atlanta has always ranked well in prestigious publications’ lists of best places to do business in. The city government has also been active in supporting the growth of small businesses through its many programs and initiatives.

Given these, competition among small businesses in the city is high, and every business owner has to put in the right efforts and resources to get a good share of the market. If you’re a small business owner in Atlanta, consider getting expert Atlanta internet marketing services to give you that edge over the competition.

[Video] LinkedIn Tips: Optimize Your Profile for Search | Justin Herring | Atlanta SEO Expert | LinkedIn

I had been reading a lot of blog posts about LinkedIn tips, but they never went into how to optimize your profile for search on LinkedIn and ultimately ranking in Google.  I decided to create this short video to go over the easiest way to rank at the top of LinkedIn for the Keywords your prospective clients will be looking for.Hope it helps and let me know if you have any questions.YEAH! Local 1100 Peachtree Street NE Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30309

Why you Shouldn’t Underestimate Hashtags

Every tweet, Instagram and Facebook post isn’t complete without one or two #hashtags, which is becoming an essential part of social media. Though posts without hashtags that are engaging and interesting can get attention, posts with hashtags tend to get more response and engagement.

What can you get from hashtags, you may ask? For one, adding hashtags to your posts makes it viewable to everyone, even those who are outside your network. Hashtags are also useful in expanding your reach to everyone interested in the phrase or keyword included in your hashtags. Continue reading “Why you Shouldn’t Underestimate Hashtags”

PPC: A New Path to Online Marketing Success

An elaborate TV advertisement may possibly steal 30 seconds of a viewer’s time, and billboards spread across town may catch their attention for a moment or two. The problem is that these marketing methods are already being used to death by almost every brand in the market. To truly stand out in this day and age, you need to be where people spend a significant amount of their time: the Web. That’s why it pays for you to learn about pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Continue reading “PPC: A New Path to Online Marketing Success”

[Video] Atlanta Chiropractic Marketing: Ideas to Get More Patients

A significant percentage of Atlanta chiropractic patients are using online resources to locate and evaluate various chiropractors in their area.

In a recent survey, chiropractic patients who’d recently visited a chiropractor were asked about the methods they’d used to find and/or evaluate their chiropractor. Fifty-five percent of respondents said they used online resources to find and/or evaluate their chiropractors (this percentage includes respondents who’d been referred).

As more and more of your potential patients are turning to online resources to look for chiropractors they can trust, it’s vital that you invest in the right online channels as part of your Atlanta chiropractic marketing strategy.

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