Month: June 2015

Top Ways Online Marketing Can Help Improve Your Local SEO Approach

Owners of small businesses can greatly improve their web traffic and customer base by optimizing their content for search engines. While many websites can benefit from improving their national search engine ranking, marketing companies in Atlanta and other areas suggest that small businesses should concentrate their efforts on improving local search engine optimization. Here are the top ways to improve local SEO.

Use Google+
While a great number of individuals do not visit Google+ directly, businesses on the social media site have a large presence in search engines. By creating a Google+ page for your business, you can increase your chances of appearing in search engines. Google+ also gives you the opportunity to create your own meta description that will appear in search results. This is a method of direct marketing that can prove to be very useful with smart keyword choices.


Turning Your Leads into Conversions

You weigh every decision you make when it concerns your business, from promotions and advertising to hiring the right staff and building your brand. One thing you should keep in mind is that there is much more to boosting your online presence and attracting new customers than you might have thought, and reaching your monthly goals could be as easy as setting a moderate marketing budget and working with the right social media specialist.
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How to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

In today’s world, running a business entails taking care of factors that can help to drive traffic, which in turn, will get people to know more about your products. This is possible if the right marketing strategy is implemented. If your website is hard to find, or lacks an impressive interface, you may end up losing many customers. Therefore, you need an effective strategy that will help your business to grow. Below are tips you can use to keep your venture visible.
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SEO Firm Cites the Top Benefits of Local Reviews for Small Businesses

As an entrepreneur, your business can see many advantages simply through local reviews. Nowadays, these local reviews are everywhere, ranging from listing sites to social media such as Facebook and Google+. Unofficial reviews also exist in the form of posts on Twitter. Here are the top benefits of local reviews for small businesses.

Improve Website Rank
If you understand the basics of local search engine optimization in Atlanta and other areas, you likely know that improving your website rank is one of the most effective ways of drawing traffic to your site and increasing business. Ever since the Pigeon update of Google’s algorithm, reviews through third-party organizations has become a necessary part of gaining visibility among the local market. Reviews and links back to your site will help you increase your rank among local websites and potentially expand your business.

How Video Marketing & Video SEO Can Help Your Brand

How Video Marketing & Video SEO Can Help You Build and Sell Your Brand –

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Reach your target audience and engage clients much better by including brand-driven videos in your online marketing mix.

Build and Sell Your Brand by Investing in Video Marketing and Video SEO

We live in a world where time is of the essence – nobody has the patience to read through exhaustive texts. Your prospective customers would prefer watching a captivating 30 second video that informs and educates, rather than go through 10 minutes of text – who has the time for that?

Yes, video is one of the most effective marketing tools out there. It can work wonderfully well for you to get your message across to your audience, quickly and effectively.

Use Video Marketing & Video SEO for Highly Effective Online Campaigns.

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Video Marketing and Video SEO

Utilizing Internet Marketing Services to Help Achieve Business Growth

Today’s business environment in Atlanta is very competitive. You must keep your business in front of customers or you will lose them. The Internet provides you with a powerful tool in raising awareness of your services, but online marketing takes time. Most professionals can’t keep up with their daily lives, let alone an active website. If you currently have a site, can you recall when you updated it last? If you can’t, it’s time to take charge and look for assistance from Atlanta internet marketing services. Hire a professional to help keep your information up to date and drive new business opportunities your way.

To be successful, marketing businesses must keep up with industry innovations and today’s marketplace. An active and well-crafted website has the potential to increase your client base – and by getting professional internet marketing services, you increase your chances of achieving optimal results while devoting as much time as you should on actually running your business

Atlanta Social Media Marketing: Using LinkedIn and Slideshare for SEO

Social media as an SEO tool goes far beyond simply driving traffic towards your website. In fact, social media sites, particularly LinkedIn and Slideshare, can help you boost your brand’s visibility in a number of ways. Why use them, you may ask? LinkedIn is currently the best-performing professional networking site in the world, and they own SlideShare. The close relationship between the two means they impact each other’s SEO. Google has taken notice of these changes and appears ready to reward users with better search results.

With that in mind, here are four ways to improve your Atlanta social media marketing efforts via LinkedIn and Slideshare:

Which keywords and phrases are most relevant to your business?
You need to prove to search engines that your digital footprint is relevant for certain keywords and phrases, and this is where LinkedIn and SlideShare become useful. To identify keywords and phrases, use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner.