9 Eye-Opening Small Business Online Marketing Stats to Impact Your Strategy

9 Eye-Opening Small Business Online Marketing Statsto Impact Your Strategy

Trying to figure out where to spend your small business online marketing dollars this month?

With SEO, PPC, Social Media, and traditional offline marketing there are so many options it can make your head spin.

I put together the infographic and commentary below to walk you through the stats on what generates the best leads.

Take a look and hopefully it will impact your strategy for marketing this month or year.

9 Online Marketing Stats for Small Business

1) Average Cost to Generate a Lead With Inbound Marketing is $143:

Based on our experience it is much cheaper to generate an inbound lead.

The lead usually is already familiar with your small business because of your online marketing.

2) Average Cost to Generate a Lead With Outbound Marketing is $373:

Outbound Marketing does work, but your are putting your info in front of a prospect instead of them finding your information or company.

The costs and leads are usually a bit harder to sell and not as qualified.

3) SEO Leads Have a 14.6% Close Rate While Outbound Leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% Close Ratio:

I have always seen SEO leads to close much easier than mailersor even cold email leads.

The prospect found you and reached out so process is smoother.

4) 97% of Consumers Search for Local Products, Services, and Businesses Online:

This should be a no-brainer.

We all are searching and buying online every day now.

Your company needs to be there when your prospect searches.

5) 61% of Mobile Internet Searches Result in a Purchase:

Mobile devices are in everyone’s hands and the prospectis searching for services on the go.

Once the research or decision is made the buyer purchases right then or travels to the local business destination.

6) 329 Million People Read Blogs Each Month:

People love blogs and the articles which feed them the information.

If you can write informative posts which solve a consumers questions you have yourself a hot prospect.

7) 66% of Consumers Have Made a Purchase via an Email Marketing Message:

Start a weekly email campaign to prospects or past clients.

Cheapest and easiest way to stay in front of people and make additional sales when the time is right.

8) 76% of Consumers Would Prefer Getting to Know a Company via Articles Rather Than Ads:

This goes along with #6.

Inform and answer questions with your blog articles and you will become a leader and authority in your niche….which leads to increased revenue.

9) 46% of People Say Website’s Design is the #1 Factor for Determining the Credibility of a Company:

Make your website professional, clean, and easy to use.

If your website looks like it was built in 1998 then how is the prospect suppose to thinkall your services are up to date.

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