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Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Atlanta Non-profits

The recent decision to end the annual television broadcast of the Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon is just one example of how non-profits are effectively generating interest and donations through social media. Atlanta non-profits can take a cue from this prime example of effort-refocusing by embracing social medial marketing.
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Harnessing the Power of Social Media Optimization

These days, many Atlanta business owners are aware that developing a strong, substantive Internet presence can be a key to success. Among the numerous online marketing services that digital advertisers can offer to assist you in such endeavor, social media optimization (SMO) can be particularly helpful. Read this quick reference guide to get a basic understanding of SMO and how it can help.
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How Internet Marketing Companies Optimize Your Visibility And Conversion

Whether you own a large or small Atlanta business, Internet marketing has become a must. There are a wide range of services that professional digital firms can offer to help you optimize your visibility and conversion rates in order to keep your company growing. Here are just two of the numerous excellent online advertising services digital firms use to build your brand:
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Why You Can’t Do Without Social Media Marketing

The past couple of years have witnessed the remarkable rise of social media across the globe. It has become so influential that about 92 percent of marketers surveyed by Hubspot in 2014 highlighted its importance in attaining business objectives.

Today, if you are serious about making significant progress in promoting your business online, you cannot do without having a social media marketing campaign. Here’s three reasons why:

  1. Brand Loyalty – Companies who engage customers via social media channels tend to enjoy a higher consumer loyalty then those who don’t. This is very important for business success because the more customers are loyal to your brand, the higher chance that you’ll be their first choice when they need products or services that relate to your business.
  2. Higher Search Engine Ranking – Yes, SEO is still the best way to a better ranking for your website on a search engine results page, but Google keeps updating its algorithms so often that keeping up with its requirements is often tasking. However, if you have a solid social media presence, it could count as a significant factor in Google’s ranking efforts. It signals the search engine that your site is legit and authoritative.
  3. Better Customer Understanding – By engaging with your customers on social media, you get an insight into their preferences and social behavior. With such valuable information, you can tweak your marketing tactics to target their specific inclinations.

Using Video Marketing to Promote Your Brand

Visibility is everything when it comes to marketing. Now, with increasing breakthroughs in internet technology, it has become a lot easier to engage with your customers in a more personal manner.

Video Marketing is a tool that combines visuals, voice, and sound effects to better reach your business’ target audience and leave a lasting impression. Admittedly, not everyone has the patience to read through web content anymore. Usually, people will simply skim through until they find the specific keywords or information they need.

With video marketing, prospects simply need to watch and listen as you provide them with whatever relevant information they’re searching for. With such convenience, they are more likely to linger on your site and may even be convinced to make a purchase. Today, video marketing has become so prevalent that search engines like Google and Bing often include videos in their search results.

Also, videos make it a lot easier to describe and explain certain products or services, which content alone may not be able accomplish. As a smart business owner, what does this mean for you? Well it’s pretty straightforward, you need to seriously consider incorporating relevant videos on your website that make it easier for customers to understand why they should patronize your products or services

Experienced marketing companies can help take video marketing off your “to-do” list, affording you more quality time to dedicate towards running your business as efficiently as possible.

Some Handy SEO Tips for Restaurants

The worldwide web is something that restaurants nowadays need to tap into to boost their presence (and in turn, their following). At this day and age, people are almost always relying on the Internet to find something, with their typical first stop being Google, the search engine market’s undisputed leader with about 65 percent of the market share. How can restaurants take advantage of this? Here are a few tips:

Ramp up Keyword Research Efforts

When trying to get a website up the search engine results pages (SERPs), one needs to think the way customers on the web think. Which words do they often use to find what they’re looking for? To achieve better and sustainable visibility on search engines, using the right keywords throughout all web-based assets is a no-brainer.

Focus on the Audience’s Needs

Nowadays, businesses can no longer talk about themselves all the time. Today’s customers are all about satiating their needs and wants, and businesses, including restaurants, have no choice but to cater to their customers’ whims or risk getting left behind in the search rankings. Overall, companies should focus on identifying their patrons’ needs and how to address them.

Keep Content Fresh

To get on Google’s good side, businesses need to keep their website content updated regularly. And it’s not just updating—a website’s content also has to be relevant. As soon as the content is kept fresh and engaging, Google will reward the site with a higher ranking.